NAMC History Video


In the early 60’s, Ray Dones, owner of Dones Electric and Joe Debro, director of the Oakland Small Business Development Center, began discussing the experiences African-American contractors faced in their attempts to be recognized as viable businessmen in their industry. They started speaking around the community, quietly organizing other contractors who experienced the same problems. Using the resources available to them, they put together the first conference of the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC).

In July 1969, more than 300 minority contractors met in San Francisco to gather forces and discuss ways to help themselves enter the mainstream of the contruction industry. By the end of the meeting, the National Association of Minority Contractors was formed. Ray Dones was elected president and Joe Debro became executive director.

The goals of NAMC today remain the same: to educate ourselves, our workers and our communities; to maintain a voice in Washington relative to our needs; and to increase our market share in the construction industry.

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