Disparity Study

Below is NAMC’s Position on the Disparity Study.  If you would like to participate please go to:


Study Email:  houston_study@mwbelaw.com
Study Telephone Number:  855-692-3529

City of Houston Disparity Study Kick-off Meeting
Learning and Development Center
4501 Leeland Street, Houston, TX 77023

January 12, 2017 2:00 pm

Presentation by John Bowles, Board Chairman NAMC, Inc. Greater Houston Chapter

NAMC welcomes the project Study Team led by Colette Holt & Associates

NAMC is committed to providing resources for a successful Disparity Study and would like to be included as a community partner for M/WBE outreach and input.


NAMC positions:

  1. Advocate for an expanded Race and Gender-based Program that meets the judicial test (s) of constitutional “strict scrutiny”.
  2. Request that the definition of the Relevant Market not only records historical data/values but expands on the elements of capacity and future growth.
  3. This study should focus on an expanded M/WBE Availability in the City of Houston’s Market Area. In essence, NAMC believes the pie should be bigger and inclusive of all ethnic minority owned and controlled business in the impacted markets.  The study will require a greater focus on input from our membership and M/WBE firms throughout the City of Houston.
  4. A greater highlight on the Statistical Disparities in Credit/Capital Markets
  5. A greater highlight on the M/WBE Public Sector Utilization vs. Availability in the City’s Construction Contracting Market Area. Focus needs to center on expansion of Prime M/WBE Contractors vs. Subcontracting
  6. Expanded Anecdotal Evidence with commitments for maximum participation from NAMC membership and City of Houston M/WBE’s.

NAMC looks forward to the next steps to deliver a successful disparity study for the overall benefit of City of Houston and its majority minority community.