First Legislative Town Hall Meeting a Huge Success

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The NAMC Legislative Town Hall Meeting held on November 17 at, Houston Community College addressed the needs and concerns of minority contractors by creating a forum for sharing information, opportunities, and mutual support featured a panel discussion on issues important to NAMC, including the local, state, and federal budgets; redistricting; transportation; workforce and jobs; and contract opportunities in the construction industry.

To gain perspective on what to expect in 2011, we invited elected officials from various levels of government. The discussion was in-depth and covered all of the issues that are most important to NAMC.

This town hall meeting allowed NAMC to gain a reinforcement of their legislative values and a clear road map on how to move forward in addressing these important issues.

After careful consideration and examination of the input provided by our participants, our other elected officials, and the participants at the NAMC Legislative Town Hall Meeting, the Legislative Committee has adopted the following agenda for the 2011 legislative year:

  • Advocate and formulate legislation on the state and local levels that eliminates pass-through contracts or creates a system that punishes prime contractors that take part in this practice;
  • Develop on the local level a two-party check system as a means to ensure prompt and appropriate payments to subcontractors;
  • Develop on the local level rules barring future contracts to primes that fail to utilize firms that they include in their bid proposals, creating a level of accountability for those primes that abuse the current rules;
  • Advocate the development of an M/WBE Program for Fort Bend County; and
  • Engage the City of Houston regarding their plans to reorganize the Mayor’s Office of Affirmative Action and Contract Compliance.

The first step is to meet with our elected officials in all levels of government to build the kind of support necessary to advance the above agenda. We will approach all elected officials regardless of party affiliation to discuss these issues. We hope we can count on you for that continued support. It is incumbent upon NAMC to show leadership in the construction industry by working with all elected officials, peer contractor associations, and interested parties that represent the various factions of the construction industry.

It is NAMC’s intention to grow its legislative reach and be an advocate for contract opportunities and jobs for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms and professionals in the construction industry. This is NAMC’s mission and we will continue to build upon that mission.

In preparation for the upcoming 112th Congressional Session, the 82nd Texas Legislative Session, and the beginning of a new year for local governments, NAMC is committed to establishing strong ties with the local, state, and federal elected delegations in Southeast Texas as a means to support them on advancing issues that are important to NAMC.

We are also committed to holding a Legislative Town Hall Meeting annually and will continue to invite elected officials from both sides of the aisle to participate and engage in a healthy and substantive discussion of the issues important to NAMC.

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