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In the early 60's, Ray Dones, owner of Dones Electric and Joe Debro, director of the Oakland Small Business Development Center, began discussing the experiences African-American contractors faced in their attempts to be recognized as viable businessmen in their industry. They started speaking around the community, quietly organizing other contractors who experienced the same problems. Using the resources available to them, they put together the first conference of the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC).

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Join us the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6 – 8 p.m. at The United Way Community Resource Center, 50 Waugh Drive, Houston, Texas 77007. You don’t want to miss these exciting monthly networking opportunities.

Partnered with NAMC to present the 2010 UT Model Contractor Development Training.
Town Hall Meeting
NAMC Legislative Town Hall Meeting held on November 17 at, Houston Community College
Section 3 Update
Section 3 Program is a Win for NAMC Members
HUB Disparity Study
The State of Texas Disparity Study – 2009 In September 2008

Houston City Council Increases MWSDBE goals from 22% to 34%

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that Houston City Council unanimously approved MWSDBE share of city contracts from 22% to 34%. This approval includes the re-establishment of women’s goals that were dropped in 2009 as part of a lawsuit settlement. The agreement and passing of the ordinance by City officials and contractor groups, including the National Association of Minority Contractors, brings clarity to a plagued program. The following is supported through the passing of the ordinance:

  • Program seeks to support MWSDBE’s through goals rather than quotas.
  • Prime contractors must undertake good-faith efforts to find subcontractors to meet their goals
  • Prime contractors required to name their subcontractors when submitting bids
  • City able to ban contractors for up to 5 years if the primes fail twice to utilize good-faith efforts

NAMC continues to support the Office of Business Opportunity (OBO) in their efforts to maintain a well-managed program. NAMC will also continue to collaborate with the OBO to ensure continued oversight of this program.
Established in 1991, The Houston Chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors provides advocacy, education, and training to minority contractors. NAMC works diligently to promote the economic and legal interest of minority contracting firms, while advocating law and government actions that meet the concerns of our members. NAMC seeks equitable and wider procurement and business opportunities for minority contractors. NAMC believes that a reduction and removal of barriers allow for full equality, which confronts minority contractors. NAMC establishes information sharing while developing and maintaining the highest level of professional standards and mutual support.


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Welcome to the new generation of contractors. Become a part of Houston’s most dynamic minority contracting association. Our monthly meetings feature opportunities, networking and a who’s who in opportunity in the Houston and surrounding area. Join us the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6 – 8 p.m. at The United Way Community Resource Center, 50 Waugh Drive, Houston, Texas 77007.

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